Find your way around the connections with the AgCom fiber optic map

Internet access has become a necessity in the daily lives of each of us. The use of the Internet for work, education, entertainment and communications is constantly growing, and the quality of the connection available is a key element, which is why it is best to choose fast and reliable networks, such as those offered by optical fiber from Enel Energia.

In Italy, the Communications Guarantee Authority (AgCom) has introduced the "Broadbandmap", a digital map that lists all access networks to the Internet available throughout the national territory. AgCom worked in collaboration with the main telecommunications operators to collect updated and accurate data on Internet coverage throughout the country.

What is the AGCOM Broadbandmap?

The Broadbandmap provides transparent and detailed information on the optical fiber coverage and other connection technologies in Italy, allowing you to evaluate for each individual address/area what the internet connection offer is available and, if necessary, choose in a way aware, the connection to be activated. 

How the AgCom Broadbandmap works

AgCom's Broadbandmap is an online service that can be easily accessed by anyone with an Internet connection. To find out the fiber optic coverage or other connection technologies available in your area, simply follow these simple steps:

  • access the AgCom website;
  • use the search function to locate your location or a specific address.

The map will then show the Internet coverage in the selected area, highlighting the areas covered by fiber optics and other connection options.

Users can also get detailed information on connection speed, available providers and tariff offers.

This map gives users a comprehensive view of Internet connectivity options in their area and allows them to compare available services to find the solution that best suits their needs.

Advantages of the AgCom Broadbandmap

AgCom's Broadbandmap offers several advantages to both users and telecommunications operators:

  • Transparency: provides transparent information on the coverage of fiber optics and other connection technologies, allowing users to make informed decisions.
  • Competition: helps to promote competition between operators, as they can verify which areas are already covered and increase investments in those where internet coverage is insufficient.
  • Infrastructure Development: Helps increase investment in connectivity infrastructure, thereby improving Internet coverage across the country.
  • Universal access: helps achieve the goal of extending high-quality Internet connections to an increasingly wider audience.

The AgCom Broadbandmap is a useful tool for anyone interested in knowing the coverage of optical fiber and other connection technologies in Italy. It ensures transparency, fosters competition and promotes infrastructure development, helping to improve Internet connectivity across the country and meet user needs.

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