Consumer information

In this section you can find the contractual documents of Enel Energia's Fiber offers for residential customers with the related detailed information

Tariff Transparency

In compliance with the provisions of AGCOM resolution no. 252/16/CONS, Enel Energia discloses the information prospectuses of the offers for consumers. In this section you can find the tariff transparency of Enel Energia's fiber offers that can and can no longer be subscribed in pdf format.

General Terms and Conditions

These general conditions govern the relationship between Enel Energia S.p.A. and the Customer for the use of Fiber and connectivity services and any ancillary services.

Services Card

The Services Card is a transparency and protection tool that Enel Energia makes available to its customers. The Services Card, in fact, has the purpose of informing customers about their rights and the quality commitments undertaken by Enel Energia in relation to the provision of internet connectivity services.

Performance provided with the basic service

Collects information relating to the basic services offered to end users with our connectivity services.

Right to Withdrawal

You can exercise the right to change your mind, provided for by the law, without additional charges, within 14 days from the date of signing the contract, during which the progress of the practice of activation of the offer; however, if you wish, you can ask for the supply to be executed in advance.

See the dedicated page to view the information referred to in Annex 9 of the European Electronic Communications Code (ex Annex 5 art. 71 of the Electronic Communications Code).

Internet for your home

Navigate with Enel Energia fiber

Discover Enel Fibra FTTH, the stable and fast integrated connection that brings you closer to the world and to people

Enel Fibra

Navigate with the simplicity of Enel Energia's ultra-fast FTTH fiber up to 1 Gigabit/s download plus

Free activation
WiFi modem 6 included

Offer subject to technical speed and geographical limitations. The indicated navigation speed (FTTH) is to be considered as maximum. Check the coverage in the following steps to find out the fiber (FTTH and FTTC) from which your home is reached. The offer does not include Voice Service with consequent possible loss of the landline telephone number in the event of migration of the internet connection. If you are already an Enel Energia customer, fiber service available starting from €21.90/month for the first 12 months.