Information referred to in Annex 9 of the European Electronic Communications Code

(ex annex 5 art. 71 of the Electronic Communications Code)

Corporate information

Find more information about Enel Energia S.p.A in the dedicated page.

Enel Energia SpA 

Registered office 00198 Rome, Via Luigi Boccherini 15

Company Register of Rome - R.E.A. 1150724 

VAT number and Tax Code 06655971007

Share capital Euro 10,000,000.00 fully paid up 

Management and Coordination of Enel SpA

General Contract Conditions and forms

Consult the General Contract Conditions and the Services Card of the Enel Energia fiber service

Download the modules of the Enel Energia Fiber service, useful for forwarding your requests.


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Rate transparency and concessions 

Fare transparency

In compliance with the provisions of AGCOM resolution no. 252/16/CONS, Enel Energia discloses the information prospectuses of the Fibra offers.


In compliance with the provisions of AGCOM resolution no. 290/21/CONS, Enel Energia has provided offers dedicated to deaf and blind users with facilitated economic conditions. Consult the page dedicated to "Facilities for users with disabilities".

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ relating to the Fibra service

Complaints and settlements

If you want to submit a complaint, Enel Energia allows you to do so quickly and easily directly from the "how to make a complaint". 

We will respond within 45 days of receipt. In the event of no or delayed response with respect to the indicated deadline, you can request compensation, the amount of which is indicated in the specific "Compensation" section of the Service Charter.

In the event of rejection of the complaint by Enel Energia, you will be sent a specific written communication containing the description of the checks carried out and adequately motivated. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, you can resort to the compulsory conciliation attempt free of charge at the CO.RE.Com. territorial jurisdiction through the platform ConciliaWeb, according to the provisions of AGCOM Resolution no. 203/18/CONS and subsequent amendments; alternatively, you can undertake the mandatory attempt at conciliation through the ADR bodies registered in the list referred to in resolution no. 661/15/CONS of AGCOM, or before the Chambers of Commerce or bodies for the out-of-court settlement of disputes adhering to the memorandum of understanding stipulated between AGCOM and UNIONCAMERE, pursuant to art. 141 et seq. Of the Consumer Code. Furthermore, you can activate, with the assistance of a lawyer, an assisted negotiation procedure pursuant to law 10 November 2014, n. 162.

Invitations to the Assisted Negotiation and Civil Mediation procedure at the Chambers of Commerce or Mediation Bodies can be sent to P.O. Box 8080 – 85100 Potenza or to the e-mail address

Compensation and Refunds

Compensations are paid according to the methods set out in the Enel Energia Service Card.

In particular:

  • in the event of (i) delay in the activation time of the service, and (ii) suspension or termination of the service in the absence of the conditions or notice, you will be able to receive the compensation automatically, by reporting the delay or disservice; 
  • in all other cases, it will be necessary to submit a specific complaint and request for compensation. 
Indemnities for Internet Connection Services: Response time (days) Indemnity Indemnity type

Service activation

60 7,50 € for each day of delay for each non-accessory service. Automatic
Service suspension - 7,50 € for each day of delay for each non-accessory service. Automatic
Service malfunction attributable to Enel 3

6,00 € for each day of delay for each non-accessory service (total suspension).

3,00 € for each day of delay for each non-accessory service.

If requested
Failure or delay in responding to complaints 45 2,50 € for each day of delay, up to a maximum of 300 €. If requested

To be able to submit a complaint and request the compensation provided, Enel Energia allows you to do so quickly and conveniently from the section "how to make a complaint".  

The indemnity or reimbursement, if due, will be paid to you by crediting the first available invoice and the payment of the same does not preclude the possibility of requesting compensation for the greater damage suffered. If you wish to receive via a channel other than the one indicated above, you can request it by contacting Customer Service.

Information on payment methods for Enel Energia services

You can pay the invoice by requesting direct debit to a bank or postal current account, PayPal account and payment card with PAN (16-digit code) issued in the SEPA area belonging to the main circuits or alternatively use the attached payment notice to the invoice. Further information is available in the Service Charter, section "The invoice and how to pay it".

Non-payment of invoices

If the Customer fails to pay the invoices beyond the day of their expiry, Enel Energia will send the Customer a notice to comply, pursuant to art. 1454 of the civil code, by registered letter with return receipt or PEC, notifying the same that, in the event of failure to regularize the arrears, he will proceed, starting from the 40th day from the notification of the same communication, to suspend the service and, subsequently, to terminate the contract.

In all cases of arrears and/or suspension of the Service, for the related administrative and commercial services relating to reminders, warnings, deactivation and possible reactivation of the supply, Enel Energia reserves the right to charge the Customer the amounts indicated in the Service Card.

For more information, consult articles 8 and 9 of the General Contract Conditions for the internet service.

Points of contact

You can communicate with Enel Energia in different ways:

  • Here via Live Chat, in the Enel Energia App (EnelClic), Pedius;
  • Customer Service at the toll-free number 800900860 (for calls from Italy) active from Monday to Sunday from 7:00 to 22:00 (excluding national holidays) or +39 0664511012 (for calls from abroad , for a fee at the cost applied by your telephone operator);
  • Addresses: e-mail:; pec:, ordinary mail: PO Box 8080 - 85100 Potenza (PZ);
  • Physical points: Spazio Enel or Spazio Enel Partner (find all the addresses on the page Spazio Enel);
  • Social channels: Telegram (@EnelEnergiaBot), Whatsapp (+39 329 8710714), Messenger (Enel.Energia.10), Twitter (@EnelEnergiaHelp).

Services offered

Enel Energia offers FTTH (Fiber to the Home) fiber optic Internet connection services, meaning a fiber optic architecture that goes from the plant to the user's home) with connection speeds of up to 1000 Mbit/s in download and mixed copper fiber FTTC (Fiber to the Cabinet, means a mixed fibre/copper architecture, with fiber up to the cabin on the street and copper from the cabin to the end user's home) with connection speeds of up to 200Mbit/s. Check the coverage and find out if your address is reached by the Enel Energia Fiber.

Other useful information

Code of Conduct


Internet for your home

Navigate with Enel Energia fiber

Discover Enel Fibra FTTH, the stable and fast integrated connection that brings you closer to the world and to people

Until 22/04!
offerta:Enel Fibra scade tra
- d giorni h ore m minuti
Enel Fibra

Navigate with the simplicity of ultra-fast FTTH fiber up to 1 Gigabit/s in download and until 22 April you have:

Discounted price
Free activation and WiFi modem 6 included

Offer subject to technical speed and geographical limitations. The indicated navigation speed (FTTH) is to be considered as maximum. Check the coverage in the following steps to find out the fiber (FTTH and FTTC) from which your home is reached. The offer does not include Voice Service with consequent possible loss of the landline telephone number in the event of migration of the internet connection.