Checking the status of the domestic gas system is one of the first things to do when you buy a house and are readying for your move. Without a compliant and fully functional system, you will hardly manage to complete the move and settle in your new home.

By checking the necessary forms, however, you realized that you don't know how to move. You don't know whether you must make the connection, ask for an initial activation, takeover, or transfer. Above all, you failed to understand the time required for the connection or the initial activation, so as to calculate when you can start moving.

In the following paragraphs you will find all the information you need: we will explain the differences between connection, initial activation and takeover; how to do it, and the costs and times for connection or initial activation.

Connection, initial activation and takeover: the differences

  • Understanding the differences between gas connection, first activation and takeover is not that hard. On the contrary: a simple check suffices to understand whether you need to make a connection, an initial activation, or a takeover.
  • Gas supply connection. When we talk about connection, we refer to the operation that allows you to connect your home to the distribution system (the pipeline). With the connection, in fact, the gas pipe is brought up to your doorstep. Obviously, the system is not yet operational but it's ready for it.
  • Initial activation. With the initial activation, the supplier (or the local distributor, if you visit its offices to request it) requests the installation of the meter from the distributor, thus connecting the domestic system to the gas distribution network
  • Takeover/transfer. There is a meter in your house, but it may have been "closed" by the previous tenant. In this case, it will be necessary to take over the utility. If, on the other hand, the meter is active and "open", a transfer will suffice.

Making gas connections with Enel

If you are buying a new house and there is still no connection between the home system and the distribution network, you must request a gas connection. How to make the gas connection? You can request it directly by visiting your local distributor's offices, or rely on Enel, which will accompany you throughout the process. To make a new gas connection, you will need to provide your personal data, the supply address, and the substitutive declaration that allows ascertaining the real ownership of the property.

Once these data have been delivered, the supplier will contact you to carry out an inspection: they will check the feasibility of the interventions and produce a cost estimate for the system preparation (that is, to bring the pipe from the distribution network to your home). This operation can take between working days (for simple interventions) and working days (for complex interventions). The cost of the gas connection, therefore, depends on the type of intervention carried out by the distributor to connect your home to the distribution network.

Upon receipt of the cost estimate, you must communicate its acceptance and pay in the manner indicated therein. From this moment, in fact, it may still be necessary from to  working days for the excavation and the laying of the pipe.

Requesting your initial gas activation with Enel

Upon the initial activation, you connect your home system with the distribution network on the street. To make your initial gas activation, you can go to an Enel point and ask one of our operators for assistance.

To complete the initial gas activation, you will be asked for the design of your home system, a certificate of compliance with current regulations and, as required in the resolution 40/2014/R/gas of ARERA, the submission of the attachment H and attachment I. The distributor checks the correctness of all documentation submitted and, where appropriate, starts the system activation.

The times required for the initial activation of the domestic gas system depend on various factors and can range from a couple of weeks to a few months.

Taking over or transferring a gas supply with Enel

This is the simplest procedure: in this case, the meter is already there, and you need only re-activate (take over) or change the holder (transfer). Both takeover and transfer require the PDR supply code, the meter reading, and your personal data. Visit any Enel Space, use one of the Enel contact channels or register on the site

Transfer costs amount to 23 euros for commercial charges plus 30 to 45 euros established by the local distributor. Takeover costs amount to 30 euros plus VAT for administrative charges and 23 euros plus VAT for commercial charges.

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