Bill Duplicates Copies

Discover how to obtain copy of your bill

Discover how to obtain copy of your bill

How can I request a duplicate copy of my bill?
Simply access the ​​Enel Energia Client Area: here you can easily find all the bills issued to your utility accounts. By accessing the ​​Enel Energia Client Area you can view your bills and download them to save a hard copy.
The bills are also available in the Enel Energia free app!Download it now!

I have not yet received my last bill: what can I do?
No problem: you can view the status of your bills by going to the Client Area. From here, you can also verify your billing address and change it if necessary. Also, if you have not yet activated the Bolletta WEB service, then you can activate it from here.

What should I do if I lose my bill?
Don't worry, this is easily solved! A few clicks in the Client Area and you can recover your lost bill.
In fact, once you're in the Client Area you can:

  • view all the issued invoices
  • check your consumption
  • print a copy of your bill
  • pay your bill

If you want to receive a bill alert e-mail on the day of issue at no extra cost, then activate Bolletta WEB. If instead you want to directly access the Client Area, then click here.

In the Client Area you can easily decide how you prefer to receive your bill, either digitally or on paper: by activating Bolletta WEB, your bill will be sent directly to your e-mail address at no extra cost.  

Should I be worried if I don't get my bill?
No fear: you can immediately activate the direct debit form of payment, a simple and direct way to pay all your bills. Check here for more details. If you wish, you can also activate Bolletta WEB to receive your bills by email on the day they are issued at no extra cost. Simply click here to activate the service immediately.