Send us your documents online

Thanks to digitalization, you avoid queues and save time for your practices

If you want to activate a new supply and join an Enel Energia power and/or gas offer for your home or business, you can send us the necessary documentation online from your computer or smartphone, thanks to Optical Character Recognition (“OCR”) technology.

What is OCR

OCR is a technology that allows, through the use of automatic recognition software, to read and convert the written characters present in an image into a digital text. In this way, it is possible to dematerialize any type of document and easily forward its content, sending in a simple and immediate way the information necessary for the activation of the new contract.

How it works

The OCR technology allows you to extract the alphanumeric characters present in a PDF, in a scanned document or in a photograph taken with a simple smartphone. The software is able to identify all the key information to complete the necessary steps: the extracted characters are converted into editable text and generally saved in a text file, or automatically inserted into some fields of a web page, such as example name, surname, date of birth, POD/PDR code, social security number and address.

The advantages of automatic recognition

Enel Energia uses OCR technology to make it easier for you to manage your supplies right from the start, allowing you to send the information requested when signing up for an offer, in a simple and immediate way.

These measures save you time and represent a practical solution for a more sustainable world, eliminating the need to transmit documents in paper form, reducing costs and polluting emissions.

In which cases you can send the documentation

You can use this method of sending documents when you want to activate a new power and/or gas contract for your home or business, making it easier and more immediate to enter the necessary information.

Are you looking for the right form to fill out? Consult the dedicated section to find the document you need.

How to upload your documents directly online

The operation is very simple: if you are activating a new power and/or gas offer you can send us your documentation in a few simple steps:

  • search on the website for the offer you wish to activate;
  • choose the rate plan that best suits your needs and click on “Activate Now”;
  • follow the wizard. To fill in the required data, it may be useful to have a copy of the latest bill at hand.

At this point, a simple photograph taken from your smartphone or a scan of the required documents will be sufficient, which you can easily upload through the site during the wizard.

Alternatively, you can send your documents using this page.