Weekend out of town and holidays away from the city? Having a second home allows you to freely enjoy your moments of leisure and proves extremely convenient for last minute holidays. No fear of being stranded without a hotel room or losing deposits over unexpected events.

While second homes offer numerous advantages, they also carry an extra commitment. For this reason, owners should be smart about them and reduce utility and maintenance costs as much as possible. An example concerns the electricity bill: for a given consumption, electricity supply costs for a second home can be higher than those for a first home.

Why is the electricity bill for the second home more expensive

A new tariff came into force in January 2017 (Resolution 582/2015 /R/eel of ARERA) which regulates network services, namely, those relating to the transport and distribution of energy. The reform introduced by ARERA establishes amounts for transport and meter management services, the same for both residents and non-residents.

On the other hand, amounts linked to system charges differ by customer residence. System charges include the amounts paid by end customers to cover costs relating to activities of general interest for the electricity and gas system. For resident domestic customers, system charges are applied based on their actual energy consumption. For non-resident domestic customers, system charges are partly applied on a kilowatt/hour basis and partly on a fixed-sum basis.

So how do you save on your second home electricity bill? Looking for the electricity offer that best suits your consumption habits helps you save on the electricity bill of your second home and enjoy it at ease.

Enel Energia

Power offers for second home

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