Billing Consumption Information

Know your consumption in detail

Billed Consumption

The amount of your bills to be paid consists in the following main items:

Costs for energy
It includes the costs of electricity and buying and selling activities carried out to supply electricity directly to your home. These are composed of a variable component, depending on the type of product chosen, and other fixed and variable amounts.

Costs for natural gas
This cost item is attributable to the sale and purchase activities carried out in supplying natural gas directly to your home. It consists of fixed and variable components, depending on the type of product chosen.

Transport expense and meter management

This is the amount to be paid for the transport of electricity or natural gas direct to your home. It consists of fixed and variable quotas calculated according to your consumption. It is shown on the bill is in accordance with the regulations of the consumption brackets.

System costs
These are the fees intended to cover costs related to activities of general interest for the electricity system or the gas system paid by the end customers.

Total taxes and VAT
These are costs collected by the electricity supplier on behalf of the State and local authorities.

Would you like more information? Access the My Energy section of the Customer Area.

Bill Total

valori che puoi trovare in bolletta

  • cerchio fucsia a strisce bianche The cost for energy / natural gas The cost for energy / natural gas
  • cerchio fucsia a esagoni bianchi Transport and metre expenditure Transport and metre expenditure
  • cerchio fucsia System costs System costs
  • cerchio grigio Total taxes and VAT Total taxes and VAT

Consumption details

Two variables mainly influence your bill: volumes and price.

Volumes: their value is reflected in all the invoiced items:

  • energy/natural gas expenditure - the volumes are multiplied by the price of your offer
  • expenditure for transport and management, expenditure for system costs, and taxes and VAT - these are multiplied by the management costs set by the regulations that do not depend on Enel Energia

You can find the billed volumes on the second page of your bill summary, under the heading: "Billing consumption and reading details". You can also find out the details regarding your billed consumption by accessing the My Energy section of the Customer Area.

Price: this is what you choose directly during the signing of the contract and is only reflected on the component of energy/natural gas costs. To find out the price of your offer, go to the bill details and find the unit price under the section Energy/Natural Gas Costs. You can also find out details of the amounts invoiced by accessing the My Energy section of the Customer Area.

Estimated reading vs actual reading
In the absence of a real reading, your consumption will continue to be estimated and a recalculation of previous bills will be carried out upon receipt of a real reading. To ensure stability in the amounts of your bills, remember to send us the self-reading of your meter, if required by the type of meter installed.

You can find the details of the readings used to calculate the bill, on the second page, in the section «Readings/consumption details».

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