Installment of the bill and Faq

Discover our solutions for splitting the payment of bills

Payment of the bill in installments

Do you want to defer the payment of one or more bills and pay in convenient installments? You can request an installment payment directly in Customer Area, in the "Services" section, or in the Enel Energia App directly in the detail of the supply on which you intend to initiate the request.

Remember you can:

  • independently install bills whose sum is less than 5,000.00 Euros (for higher amounts you must contact our Customer Service);
  • also install bills that contain the security deposit and the Rai fee (in this case the installments will be calculated net of the deposit and the Rai fee which will be paid in a single solution by paying the appropriate payment notice present in the documentation that you receive after the activation of the installment plan);
  • also install bills at home. In this case, before contacting our Customer Service, you must ask your bank/post office, before the expiry date of the bill, to block the automatic payment of the specific bill for which you want to request the installment using the reason "Customer Complaint ";
  • if you have a credit, you can offset it with the amounts owed to you and defer the remaining sum. In this case you will need to contact our Customer Service;
  • independently request an installment plan only if no other deferral requests are in progress (otherwise contact our Customer Service).

You will receive confirmation of the request at your address with the installment plan and instructions for paying the installments.

If the bills have not been paid by the deadline, in addition to the deferral interest, the default interest will also be applied for the days between the deadline and the activation of the plan. The payment methods available for the installments are:

  1. payment notice;
  2. installment charge on the bill (not valid for discontinued customers or bills overdue for more than 30 days).

For more information, contact our Customer Service at the toll-free number 800900860.

2022 News

The Arera resolution 636/2021, in the event of a bill issued from 1 January to 30 June 2022, not paid and referring to supply for domestic use, has provided for the possibility of activate, by contacting our Customer Service, an installment plan for a maximum of 10 months with the amount of the first installment of 50% and the remaining 50% divided into successive installments of constant amount, without the application of default interest or deferral.

Enel Energia and the Associations recognized by MISE have agreed to identify a solution to the concrete need of consumers to meet the payment of power and gas bills. In addition to the classic installment plans, an agreement was defined between Enel Energia and Consumer Associations, to give all domestic customers the opportunity to activate an installment plan to power and gas bills issued by January 2022 regardless of the amount, without advance payments, up to 12 monthly installments, interest-free and no minimum installment.

“A further possibility that adds to the many initiatives and offers, at fixed and blocked prices, that Enel Energia has been offering its customers for some time as a source of savings.”

—Aurora Viola - Head of the Italian Market


Enel Energia customers will be able to adhere to these conditions by accessing their Customer Area of the website, through the App of Enel Energia, by calling the toll-free number free 800900860 or by going to one of the Spazio Enel and Spazio Enel Partner.

Enel Energia and Consumer Associations have undertaken to set up a discussion table on issues related to expensive energy. The Associations will be able to play the usual role of supporting families interested in the installment payment also through the channels dedicated to them by Enel.