Installment of the Enel Energia bill

Discover our solutions for splitting the payment of bills

How to pay your bill in installments

If you want to defer the payment of bills in several installments, you can request an installment, directly in the «Services» section of Customer Area or in the Enel Energia app, enter the details of the supply and select "Install your bill" in the "Manage" section.

Remember that you can pay your bills in installments yourself:

  • less than € 5,000;
  • which contain the security deposit and the Rai fee (in this case the installments will be net of these amounts, which will be paid using the relevant payment notice attached to the installment plan);
  • domiciliate, asking your bank/post office before the deadline to block the automatic payment of only the bill subject to the installment request, with the reason "Customer Complaint".

Instead, you will need to contact our Customer Service if:

  • you have a credit and you want to offset it with the amounts owed to you, by paying the remaining sum in installments;
  • you have other installment requests in progress;
  • you want to pay in installments over € 5,000.

In all cases, you will receive at your address the detail of the installment plan and the instructions for the relative payment of the installments, from run in one of two ways:

  • payment notice;
  • installment charge on bill (invalid mode for discontinued supplies or bills expired for more than 30 days).

If you fail to meet the installment deadline, your plan will be canceled; in this case you will have to pay the residual amount plus any accrued interest in a single solution.