Instalment payments and faq

When your bill is too high

Paying your bill in instalments

Would you like to defer payment of one or more bills and pay in comfortable instalments?
You can request instalment payments online.

  • access your private Customer's area (enter your user-id and password)
  • click on the 'Bill archive' button
  • select 'Request instalment payments'


  • You can pay bills of up to EUR 5,000.00 online in instalments (for higher amounts you will need to contact our Customer Service)
  • You can only apply for an instalment payment plan if you have no other deferral requests in progress.
  • If you have credit, you can use it to offset the amounts owed and defer the remaining amount. In this case, you will need to contact our Customer Service.
  • You can also pay bills under a direct debit arrangement in instalments. In this case, before contacting our Customer Service you will need to block the automatic payment before the date on which the bill is due.
  • You can also pay bills that have a security deposit in instalments (in this case the rates will be net of the deposit, which will be paid in a lump sum).

You will receive confirmation of your request, together with the instalment plan and instructions for payment of the instalments.

For further informations please contact us at 800900860