Service for Gradual Protections of Non-Vulnerable Domestic Customers

The Gradual Protections Service is the service defined by ARERA, with Resolution 362/2023/R/eel, to accompany the transition of non-vulnerable domestic customers to the liberalized electricity market, following the removal of the Protected Market service.

Starting from July 1, 2024, all non-vulnerable domestic customers who do not have a supplier in the free market will automatically be included in the Gradual Protections Service, without any interruption in the supply of electricity.

For all customers, it is of course possible, at any time, to choose an electricity supply contract in the free market.

Enel Energia, for the supply period from July 1, 2024, to March 31, 2027, has been selected as the electricity supplier for non-vulnerable domestic customers of the Gradual Protections Service by the Single Buyer, through a public tender for the following areas:

North Area 1: Aosta, Biella, Milan province, Verbania, Vercelli

North Area 2: Parma, Piacenza, Turin province

North Area 5: Brescia, Milan city

North Area 9: Belluno, Gorizia, Pordenone, Treviso, Trieste

North Area 10: Bolzano, Trento, Vicenza

North Area 11: Mantua, Modena, Reggio-Emilia, Verona

Central Area 4: Rome city

The contractual conditions of the Gradual Protections Service applied to non-vulnerable domestic customers are those provided for in the PLACET offer regulations (Annex A to Resolution 555/2017/R/com), limited to the following provisions:

a) Fixed contribution fee of €23, excluding VAT, charged to the final customer in the event of a change of ownership request;

b) Deposit charge in the first bill amounting to €11.5 per kW of contractually committed power, except in cases where payment is made via direct debit from a bank account, postal account, or credit card;

c) Bi-monthly billing

d) Payment methods: direct debit from a bank account or credit card in the SEPA area managed by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express circuits, postal account, PayPal account; through the Enel Energia portal, by registering in the Customer Area, with a credit card, BancomatPay account, PayPal, MyBank, pagoPA, or through the Enel Energia APP with a credit card, PayPal account, pagoPA; with the online payment notice via the website/app of one's own bank or other channels enabled for pagoPA or in person at physical channels referring to Enel Energia (authorized Enel Spaces), in banks, at ATMs, at newsagents, at all postal points, at supermarkets, and at all authorized physical points. For customers coming from the protected market service who will be supplied within the gradual protections service starting from July 1, 2024, the direct debit authorization issued to the entity providing the protected market will be automatically renewed towards the entity of the gradual protections service, without prejudice to the Customer's right of revocation.

e) Possibility to request installment payments only for amounts exceeding €50, within ten days from the deadline set for payment of the bill, according to the methods indicated in the invoice itself. If the Customer does not respect the payment deadline indicated in the invoice, the Supplier requests from the Customer, in addition to the due consideration, the payment of late payment interest calculated on an annual basis and equal to the rate defined pursuant to Article 2 of Legislative Decree no. 213 of June 24, 1998, increased by 3.5 percentage points.

The economic conditions that the entity providing the gradual protections must offer to customers are defined by Article 48 of the Integrated Electricity Sales Text (TIV - Annex A to Resolution 362/2023/R/eel and subsequent amendments) and are articulated in the following items:

Energy material expenses equal to the sum of the following consideration: Electricity domestic consideration, expressed in cents of euro/kWh, covering the wholesale purchase costs of electricity, equal to the monthly consumptive values of the National Single Price (PUN) and increased by network losses.

Gamma Parameter (γ) determined by ARERA as a weighted average of the prices awarded in the tender updated annually expressed in fixed fee (euro/point of withdrawal/year)

Considerations covering other procurement costs expressed in cents of euro/kWh and determined by ARERA: consideration covering the balancing costs set for the entire service allocation period, consideration covering the costs for dispatching updated quarterly, consideration covering the costs for obligations related to the economic compensation mechanism

Expense for meter transportation and Management and System charges

compose the considerations borne by Enel Energia in relation to electricity transportation, distribution, and measurement services as well as system charges covering costs for activities of general interest as defined, published, and periodically updated by ARERA

Taxes and fees