It is the service introduced by ARERA to accompany the transition to the free market of small businesses, connected at low voltage, which as of 1 January 2021 did not have a contract with a supplier on the free market.

Enel Energia won a public auction and was selected by the Single Buyer as the operator of the service from 01 July 2024 to 31 March 2027, in these territorial areas:

  • Area 3 Lombardy, without the Municipality of Milan;
  • Area 5 Municipality of Milan, Liguria, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto.

Customers with supplies that fall within the Gradual Protection Service for small businesses receivethe communicationof activation of the service from the merchant .

Contractual and economic conditions

The contractual conditions are defined by ARERA and the price is determined on the basis of the results of the auctions.

The economic conditions are reported in the service activation communication and are made up of the following expense items:

  • Matter-energy expenditure composed of:
    • Energy component equal to the final monthly values ​​of the Single National Price (PUN) possibly differentiated on the time slots which will be increased by the network losses applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA;
    • Alpha parameter (hereinafter α) determined by ARERA as the weighted average of the prices awarded in the tender and expressed as an energy share. The parameter α will be updated by ARERA on an annual basis;
    • Marketing fee determined by ARERA in € cents/kWh, for public lighting supplies, and in euros/withdrawal point/year for the remaining supplies for other uses;
    • Fees (in € cents/kWh) determined by ARERA to cover the costs of imbalance, dispatching, the operator's economic compensation mechanism and payment for arrears;
  • Expenditure for the transport charges and meter management service;
  • Expenditure on system charges;
  • duties and taxes;

Below is the detail of the amounts relating to Energy Expenditure:

Items on the invoice   Value Reference period
of the consideration
α (alfa) parameter α ND 1/07/2024 – 30/06/2025
energy component CEL

F0: 0,104368 €/kWh

F1: 0,104126 €/kWh

F2: 0,122628 €/kWh

F3: 0,094864 €/kWh

June 2024
dispatching CDISP 0,0236302 €/kWh July 2024
imbalance CSB 0,0004 €/kWh 1/07/2024 – 31/03/2027
marketing CCOM_IP
0,0004 €/kWh
35 €/POD/Year
1/07/2024 – 31/03/2027
equalization CPSTG 0,00007 €/kWh July 2024
compensation for arrears CCM 0,003119 €/kWh  

What to do after receiving the activation letter of the Gradual Protection Service for small businesses?

It is important to send the substitute declaration which certifies the requirements of Small Business. The declaration is attached to the letter and available in the forms on the website.

The declaration must be completed and returned within 30 days of receiving the letter, to one of our contact channels:

How do you switch to the free market?

It is possible to switch to the free market at any time and without charges.
To find out about our offers, our contact channels are available: