What is the TTF Natural Gas Price Index

Find out what the Title Transfer Facility is and how it affects bill prices

The TTF (Title Transfer Facility) is the main reference virtual market for gas trading in Europe which is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This virtual platform brings together the producers of Natural Gas and the suppliers who buy it and resell it to end customers, citizens and businesses, in the countries where they operate.

There are other national indices, such as the PSV index in Italy, the PEG in France or the NCG in Germany. Over time, the Dutch TTF has assumed the central role of benchmark for natural gas in the market European. 

TTF index prices are regularly published by ICIS Heren, a leading energy company.

Trend of the TTF index

As with all values ​​listed on the stock exchange, natural gas can also undergo positive or negative fluctuations due to various factors such as:

  • increase in volumes of gas available on the market;
  • reduction in demand due to increased use of alternative sources;
  • geopolitical crises and tensions;
  • climatic conditions;
  • fluctuation in the prices of fuels such as coal and oil.

The prices of the gas raw material component of the TTF index are expressed in €/MWh and converted into €/Smc. The monthly gas quotations are calculated on the basis of the arithmetic mean of the single daily quotations in the reference month of the supply.

TTF index and indexed offers for gas supply

In the free market we can find gas offers at a fixed price where the price of the gas raw material component and the duration of this price are fixed by the seller, or offers at a variable price where the price of the gas material component varies in relation to the retail price. natural gas wholesale.

One of the main advantages of joining an indexed offer, such as in the case of TTF index offers, is the immediate benefit you get on your bill the moment the index price itself falls.

Enel Energia offers indexed to the TTF

Enel Energia offers deals that follow indexing to TTFqa (TTF Quarter Ahead).

The value of the TTFqa index is determined in each quarter as the arithmetic mean of the quarterly OTC forward quotations relating to the quarter in question, at the TTF hub, recorded by ICIS-Heren with reference to the second calendar month preceding the same quarter. The arithmetic mean is expressed in €/MWh and converted into €/Scm by multiplying by the conversion factor 0.0107 referring to a calorific value of 0.03852 GJ/Scm.