Consumption and smart working: how to save on power and gas bills

How much smart working affects your bill

Among the lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic, the most tangible, the one that involved most of us, was the new working method: smart working.
Smart working has now almost become the rule, no longer the exception. Professionals, employees or managers, when possible, carry out their work mainly from home, thanks to the help of technology.

Although smart working has possible benefits in terms of flexibility and greater amount of time to devote to family and hobbies, it has another, less attractive side of the coin, which affects ours bill.
Spending more time at home at times when you are generally in the office or school can have the main consequence of increased costs, especially those relating to power and gas bills.

Heating, lighting, computers and Smart TVs, as well as all the other appliances that we usually used in the evening, are used throughout the day.

Generally to carry out a job in Smart Working you need at least 3 devices for each member of the family: a PC, a screen and the modem/router to access the Internet. In addition, staying at home has increased the use of all kitchen appliances exponentially. Without taking into account the cost for heating the rooms in winter or for air conditioning in summer.

All this weighs on your bill!
Despite the physiological increase, however, there are some useful methods for limiting domestic consumption saving money.

How to limit consumption in smart working while saving on your bill

To save on your power bill it is necessary to better manage your consumption through small measures:

  • To reduce the consumption of power a good tip is to take advantage of natural light by placing your workstation in a bright place, taking advantage of the as much as possible of windows and balconies.
  • On the lighting front it is better to use LED bulbs, with low energy consumption, which allow you to reduce your consumption even in the face of a longer life of the bulb.
  • As for computers and monitors it is important to turn them off after use, do not leave them on standby and unplug all the plugs. A screen left perpetually on standby has no power saving options and consumes a lot of energy. It is also advisable to connect printers or other peripheral devices only when necessary. You can also think about disconnecting the router's power supply overnight.
  • For household appliances it is important to remember to limit the opening of the refrigerator or oven door during cooking, reduce the power of the microwave.
  • The home automation and the programming of appliances to use them at off-peak times can be valid allies for saving on your bill.
  • To reduce consumption due to radiators it is useful to adjust the thermostats (reducing the temperature by a couple of degrees significantly reduces costs) so that they are switched off in the less used rooms.
  • To minimize the impact on your bill, it is important to choose an offer that adapts to your new habits. See the offers power and gas on the free market of Enel Energia or go to a of our Spazio Enel present throughout the country, find out the one closest to you and agree on a appointment in complete safety to find the most right offer for you. Our consultants are also at your disposal on the toll-free number 800 900 860.
  • Choosing an offer that respects the environment can be an important advice to reduce your environmental impact. Thanks to our offers you can choose the most suitable and virtuous one that will allow you to use only certified energy as produced from renewable sources through the GSE system of guarantees of origin.