Making the best use of energy is worthwhile

In a few steps you get better performance in less time, you have a economic advantage and respect the environment. Become the protagonist of change: choose the better side

Virtuous conduct: the best side of electricity use and consumption

What can we do to make the best use of energy and save immediately?
Here are some simple tips that allow you to achieve up to 15% less electricity consumption per year*, by making minor changes to your habits:

  • do the last ten minutes of cooking with oven off (-1.5% yearly consumption);
  • avoid the standby mode for TVs, decoders and consoles and avoid leaving the socket power supplies connected (-0, 5% annual consumption);
  • use full load washing machines and dishwashers only (1 washing machine every 2 days instead of 1 per day -5% annual consumption; 1 dishwasher per day instead of 2 per day -8% annual consumption).

And if you have a photovoltaic balcony you can also achieve 35% less electricity consumption per year**.

And if you want to do more, just use LED bulbs and commit to regulate the room temperature to avoid heat loss (The National Plan for the Consumption of Natural Gas for winter 2022/2023, it provides for an internal temperature of 19°C with a 10% reduction in gas consumption.

*All the data reported for calculating consumption are taken from Paper ENEA May 2022. The parameters are measured on the typical behavior of a family with an average electricity consumption of 2,300 kWh/a.
**Consumption savings estimated on the behavior of a typical household with annual consumption of 2,300 kWh and an annual production of the Enel X Sun Plug&Play plant of around 470 kWh (assumption of southern exposure and 95% efficiency).

Are you ready to take further steps towards change?

For an even better result you can convert your consumption and choose to use only electricity for your daily life, for example for cookingheating or cooling your home, or to produce domestic hot water or even to self-produce electricity that you consume. Make your home smart with electricity!

What you can do to reduce your energy consumption in the kitchen

Have you ever thought about replacing your old gas cooker with a modern induction hob? Induction hobs can consume up to 50% less energy than traditional gas hobs, ensure more uniform cooking, more effective temperature regulation and greater safety. They also allow you to cook your favorite dishes in half the time and clean up everything with speed and ease.

At home it is also important to choose a flexible offer such as Enel Flex, which adapts to changes in the market and avoid standby power consumption.

Heating and cooling: the advantages of using electricity

Compared to using a traditional gas boiler, you can use heat pumps reducing heating costs by an average of 45% * and you can also use them to cool your home.

  • Heat pump air conditioner (air-to-air): uses the thermal energy of the outside air to produce hot and fresh air, thus optimizing the energy performance of the house. It does not require large indoor and outdoor spaces and is easy to install.

  • Air-water heat pump: to reduce energy consumption, it uses the thermal energy of the external air with which it powers the heating system (underfloor or radiators) and cools the rooms. Of variable dimensions, with external or internal units, depending on the technical characteristics and spaces. It can also be used to produce domestic hot water.


At home it is also important to choose a flexible offer such as Enel Flex, which adapts to changes in the market and follow small tricks to reduce heating consumption, using only the necessary energy. Read our 10 tips.

*value obtained considering a family of 4 who live in a 100 sqm apartment in Rome with a resident electricity supply contract with committed power of 3 kW and annual consumption of 1,700 kWh and with methane gas supply for cooking, domestic hot water and autonomous heating with a consumption of 1,300 smc per year, assuming for heating the transition from the use of a traditional gas boiler to the use of class A + heat pump air conditioners. The prices of electricity and gas (central south-western area) used to determine the annual expenditure are equal to the average of the 2021 prices defined by ARERA for protection services.

Domestic hot water only with electricity

Using only electricity in your home guarantees you numerous advantages, both in economic terms and in savings on consumption.

For example, do you know that you can produce domestic hot water using only electricity? There is not only the traditional electric water heater, solar thermal is undoubtedly the most effective and sustainable solution. And if you don't have a roof where to install it, you can always choose the heat pump water heater that allows you to save on average 65% of consumption** compared to a traditional electric water heater.

At home it is also important to choose a flexible offer such as Enel Flex, which adapts to changes in the market.

**value obtained by comparing the efficiency values ​​of a resistance water heater with those of a heat pump water heater with COP equal to 2.6.

Produce electricity with your photovoltaic system

The photovoltaic system allows you to take advantage of the sun to produce electricity, reduce consumption and therefore the amount of the electricity bill while respecting the environment.

Thanks to state incentives and new technological solutions, installing a photovoltaic panel at home is now even easier. There are three different solutions:

  • Plug & Play photovoltaic panel: it is the ideal solution for those who want a photovoltaic system but live in an apartment. It can be easily installed on the balcony railing or under a window and connected to a dedicated electrical outlet. You can save 25% * on the electricity consumption of your home!
  • Traditional photovoltaic panel: you can install it if you have a free surface available (e.g. the roof).
  • Photovoltaic panel with storage: it allows you to store energy that can be used even when the panel is not producing (eg during the night).


At home it is also important to choose a flexible offer such as Enel Flex, which adapts to changes in the market.

***estimated savings on an annual consumption of 1900 kWh and a production of the Enel X Sun Plug & amp; Play plant of approximately 470 kWh per year (hypothesis of southern exposure and 95% efficiency). The photovoltaic module has a conventional guarantee of 15 years on the product and 30 on the performances.

Electricity, a smart choice for a smart home

Home automation and the use of technologies allow us to make our home smart.

More comfortable for our daily activities, but also more sustainable, thanks to the ability to monitor and manage electricity consumption in a truly smart way. Using a simple app you could for example turn on your home air conditioner while you are still coming back and find it already fresh when you return.

At home it is also important to choose a flexible offer such as Enel Flex, which adapts to changes in the market.