The Enel Energia electricity bill is structured in such a way as to provide the customer with all the main information on its supply and consumption, in compliance with the provisions of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA).

What are the items on the Enel Energia electricity bill

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At the top of the first page of Enel Energia's electricity bill you will find the details related to your supply; specifically, the left column contains the following information:

  • user account address, i.e. the place where the electricity meter is located;
  • name of the Enel Energia electricity offer you signed up for;
  • customer type: it can be "domestic" (resident or non-resident) or "other uses" (commercial activity, condominium, garage, agricultural use);
  • your selected payment method.

In the next column, from top to bottom, the following are shown:

  • date of activation of electricity supply: it corresponds to the date of activation date of the supply and/or contractual conditions;
  • supply voltage, which in most cases is 220 (single-phase volt);
  • contractually committed power (3 kW in most domestic supplies);
  • available power: equals the contractually committed power plus 10%, meaning that if you have a 3 kW meter the available power will be 3.3 kW, while if you have a 6 kW meter it will be 6.6 kW and so on;
  • maximum power level: power level absorbed, reached in the indicated two-month period.

If you need more power, visit the page dedicated to how to change the power of the meter. You can vary it in steps of 0.5 kW at a time (from 3 to 6 kW), 1 kW at a time (from 6 to 10 kW) and 5 kW at a time (above 10 kW), paying the related charges.

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After this initial information, you will find others very useful:

  • your customer number;
  • the pod code of your electrical utility;
  • your tax code.

Below you will also find the data relating to the bill itself:

  • the type of supply (in this case electricity);
  • the number and date of the invoice;
  • the period to which the invoice relates.

Finally, there is the most important data: the total of the bill to be paid and the date by which this payment must be made.

Summary of the invoiced amounts

In the section called " Summary of invoiced amounts " there are the expense items that make up the bill:

  • spending on electricity;
  • electricity transport costs;
  • counter management;
  • spending system charges;
  • recalculations;
  • total taxes and VAT;
  • other games such as TV fee.

System charges

Among the expense items that make up the electricity bill there are also the system charges which include the amounts invoiced to cover costs relating to activities of general interest for the system electricity, which are paid for by the end customers of the electricity service

These amounts are defined periodically by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA) and therefore do not depend on the supplier.

The amounts paid for these activities are divided into Fixed fee (€/month) and Variable fee (€/kWh); the fixed fee is not applicable to the supplies in which you are resident. For non-domestic customers, the application of a power quota (€/kW) is also envisaged.

Consumption detail

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The second page of Enel Energia's electricity bill illustrates the details of your consumption:

  • the first data you find is the consumption (expressed in kWh) of the last 12 months;
  • the consumption recorded in the invoice period divided by time bands: F1, F2 and F3. This data allows you to understand in which time slot you consumed the electricity;
  • the third column shows you the sum of consumption in all bands, in the billing period (from day X to day Y).

In the "Readings/consumption details" you have the same data with the indication in the column "Type"; if they are collected or estimated data. If you have done a self-reading of the meter you will find it indicated in this column.

Finally, at the end of the second page of the Enel Energia electricity bill, you will find a bar graph that shows you how much you have consumed each month in the last twelve months.

On pages 3, 4 and 5 of the bill there is the section "Information for customers" where you will find useful information on your supply.


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