Plus Plan: Share your energy at home with ENEL ONE

ENEL ONE – PLUS PLAN is the flexible choice made especially for three of you

The trio of roommates you belong to stay together despite all the adversities and your character differences. A period, the university one, to be shared together with dinners, films, music and always connected to all sorts of technological equipment, including online courses and exams to be prepared.
Your motto is: "I start from three", with the promise not to discuss issues concerning the organization of the house.

Keep everything under control with ENEL ONE

One of the sore points and one of the most heated topics of discussion among roommates, concerns the general expenses of the house. If you are looking for a solution that includes a fixed monthly cost, including VAT and taxes, the PLUS plan of ENEL ONE perfectly meets your trio's needs.

With the Enel One PLUS plan you have 200 kWh per month at a fixed price of €70/month, also including VAT and taxes! * and the ability to check energy consumption at any time. In addition, the higher or lower consumption compared to the chosen plan will be economically valued (at € 0,289/kWh, VAT and taxes included) in the E-BOX, the digital saver of ENEL ONE, and monetized annually by crediting or debiting the bill, or even earlier if reaches a positive or negative amount of at least 45 euros. You will also be able to see the update of the E BOX in the digital receipt. Monetization will also take place in the event of withdrawal, supply termination or offer change.

And that's not all, because ENEL ONE adapts to your needs and if you need to look for a new flatmate and you need more energy, you can increase the kWh available to you by changing the plan yourself. chosen, with the ease of a click directly from your smartphone and totally free from App or from Customer Area.

How to change plans with ENEL ONE

By activating the ENEL ONE offer, it will be possible to switch from one plan to another at no additional cost. The change will be effective immediately and the energy quota will be automatically updated based on the new plan chosen **. With ENEL ONE, energy adapts to your needs, and sharing the costs this time will be just as simple.

How to join the PLUS Plan of the ENEL ONE offer

Joining ENEL ONE is simple:

  • go to the website, to the page dedicated to the offer;
  • choose the PLUS plan and click on the CHECK AND JOIN button, a window will open to verify that your meter is 2G;
  • enter the POD CODE;
  • if successful, you can continue with the offer activation wizard.

You can join ENEL ONE if you come from another supplier, if you want to activate a deactivated meter (take over) or register the supply of another person in your name (transfer).

The advantages of ENEL ONE are not over yet!

If you switch to Enel Energia from another supplier, you will receive a welcome bonus of up to € 60 *** on your bill. The €60 bonus, including VAT, will be divided into tranches of €5 per month for 12 months and will be recognized on the invoice starting from the first month of supply. What are you waiting for?



* The above price for the PLUS plan is valid for the first 12 months from the date of activation of the supply. In the case of supplies for non-resident domestic use, the payment of a monthly fee of 13 euros per month (VAT and taxes included) will be required. In the event of a contractual power exceeding 3 kW, a monthly fee of 3 euros per month (VAT and taxes included) will be required for each additional kW. additional. If the contractual power exceeds 3 kW only for a fraction (eg 0.5 kW) this amount will be re-proportioned.

** The free plan change feature will be activated within 10 days of activation of the supply and will be notified by e-mail/SMS.

*** The € 60 bonus, including VAT, will be divided into installments of € 5 per month for 12 months and will be recognized on the invoice starting from the first month of supply. In the event of withdrawal, termination of supply or product change (re-negotiation), the Customer will be entitled to the portion of the bonus accrued up to that moment.

In promotion!


A fixed monthly cost, also including VAT and taxes, based on the plan chosen and five plans to choose from based on different consumption habits.