Enel Energia's Black Friday is back!

Don't miss the power and gas offers for your home

Black Friday 2021 is here

Don't miss the opportunity to save on your supplies! Follow the countdown on Enel Energia's website: our prize contest is valid from 22 to 29 November! Take advantage of the discounts dedicated to Black Friday and access a world full of benefits!

Discover Enel Energia's Black Friday

With the Black Friday, again this year Enel Energia launches promotions for the supply of power and gas to your home.

From 22 November to 29th take advantage of our initiatives and a great news!

With the Scegli Oggi Luce and Scegli Oggi Gas offers you have one year of subscription ad Amazon Prime, also for you who are already a Prime customer.

By subscribing to the offer, just for you unlimited 1-day delivery on over 2 million products and 2-3 days on more than 10 million more, streaming movies and TV series with Prime Video, unlimited photo storage and early access to Flash Deals on Amazon.it.

What are you waiting for? The numerous services of Amazon Prime enrich the two Enel Energia offers like never before, where you will have, in addition to numerous advantages, 30% discount on the list price of the energy component equal to 25 cents €/kWh, discounted equal to 18 cents €/kWh (excluding VAT and taxes), for the “Senza Orari Luce” plan and on the list price of the raw material gas component equal to 90 cents €/Smc, discounted equal to 63 cents €/Smc (excluding VAT and taxes), blocked for the first 24 months of supply. You will also have to pay the marketing fee which, for the first 24 months of supply, will be equal to 9 €/month.

To find out more, consult our website the offers power and gas dedicated to the initiative in partnership with Amazon Prime.
Consult the complete regulation and participation procedures on www.enel.it/en. Acceptance of the Regulations is a necessary condition to participate in the initiative.
If you need help, in the dedicated section you will find all the information and documents needed to proceed quickly.

With Enel Energia, Black Friday lasts all year!

A world of services at your disposal

If you join the promotion or you are already a customer, the benefits don't end there! Download the Enel Energia App! It is available for free from Google Play Store or from App Store. Thanks to the App you can:

  • manage your power and gas supply contract comfortably from your smartphone;
  • communicate self-reading of your counter;
  • pay your bill by credit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Diners) or Paypal;
  • request the activation of the domiciliation of the bill on your current account;
  • request the activation of the service Web Bill;
  • subscribe to the new free loyalty program dedicated to Enel Energia customers “ENELPREMIA WOW!": you have the opportunity to accumulate many WOW points! to receive numerous prizes and discounts on your bill;
  • accept the regulation available on www.enel.it/en which is a necessary condition to participate in the initiative.

And if you have Alexa and you want to take advantage of Black Friday to make your home even smarter, download the Enel Energia official skill! You can take advantage of Amazon's voice assistant to receive immediate support in managing your power and gas supplies!

Activate as soon as possible the Enel Energia Skills. Go to the Amazon Skill Store or the Alexa App and scrolling the main menu, select "Skills and games" to choose our Skill, click on "enable use" and accept the terms of use and the privacy policy. If you have Alexa, start exploring a new way of thinking about your home and managing your power and gas supplies, just ask: “Alexa, open Enel Energia!”.

Join our promotion now!

Not sure how to activate the online offer? Don't worry, we'll guide you. You just need a few simple steps:

  • go to the enel.it/en website and click the page dedicated to the offer;
  • select if you come from the Free Market or the Maggior Tutela Service;
  • choose the rate plan that best suits your needs;
  • follow the wizard and remember to keep a bill handy to easily retrieve the data you will be asked for. Alternatively, you can upload your current bill in digital format and we will take care of filling in your details. You just have to check them and complete them with some additional information.

Having difficulty? You can chat in real time with an operator via the dedicated chat or choose to be contacted by one of our expert consultants who will show you all the details of the offer and assist you step by step in the process of joining the offer you have chosen.

Turn on convenience today with Enel Energia!

Today Black Friday turns on the convenience

For your home do not miss the opportunity to join Scegli Oggi Luce and Scegli Oggi Gas and in addition until 29 November you have one year of subscription to Amazon Prime!

Enel Energia for the Free Market

List price of the energy component, including grid losses, of the plan without hours equal to 25 cents €/kWh (excluding VAT and taxes). Marketing and sales fee (CCV power): 9 €/month for the first 24 months of supply, VAT and taxes excluded. Network losses and other expense components are applied as defined and periodically updated by ARERA. Economic conditions valid until 31/01/2022.
Gas raw material component list price equal to 90 cents €/Smc (excluding VAT and taxes). Marketing and sales price (CCV gas): 9 €/month for the first 24 months of supply, excluding VAT and taxes. The other expense components are applied as defined and periodically updated by ARERA. Economic conditions valid until 31/01/2022.
Prize operation valid from 22.11.2021 to 29.11.2021. Complete rules and methods of participation on www.enel.it/en
It is an independent Enel Energia initiative not promoted by Amazon. The use of the promotional code and the subscription to Amazon Prime are subject to the General Conditions of Amazon Prime. Subscription to Amazon Prime is automatically renewed at the cost in effect at the time of expiration. You can unsubscribe at any time from My Account. At the time of registration, it may be necessary to provide details of a valid payment method. The promotional code cannot be sold or transferred to third parties and is not redeemable for cash. For more information on Amazon Prime visit www.amazon.it/prime. All Amazon trademarks are owned by Amazon.com, Inc or its affiliates. All rights reserved.