How to send a complaint to Enel Energia

How to make a complaint to Enel Energia

If you need to send us a complaint, download the appropriate form to be sure of providing us with all the necessary data for quickly fulfilling your request. 

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Use one of the following channels to send us the compiled form.

Via Web: For the fastest and easiest way to send your forms that allows us to immediately receive your request, click here.

Via mail, by writing to:

  • Enel Energia S.p.A PO Box 8080 – 85100 - Potenza (Luce)
  • Enel Energia S.p.A PO Box 1000 - 85100 - Potenza (Gas)

If you do not use our form, your communication must contain the following mandatory data:

  1. Your first name and surname
  2. The address of the supply
  3. A correspondence address (if different from the supply address) or email address where you would like to receive our reply
  4. The type of service (electric, gas, both)
  5. The alphanumeric code that identifies the electricity withdrawal point (POD) or natural gas return point (PDR), or your Customer Number
  6. A brief description of the complaint
  7. If the complaint concerns billing amounts and/or adjustments, it must also include a self-reading of the meter and the date of the same.

Before sending a complaint, chat live with one of our immediately available consultants, call the free toll-free number +39 800 900 860 or go to the Punto Enel nearest you.