What changes in the bill with the variation of electricity and gas prices?

What changes in electricity and gas prices depend on 

For both electricity and gas, changes are influenced by the procurement costs of the raw material, by system charges, and by tariffs for transportation and management of the meter.  This change affects both customers served under the protected system and free market customers.

The quarterly changes in the economic conditions of electricity and gas bills for customers served under the protected system

Each quarte, Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA) reports the change in the economic conditions for customers served under the protection system; this change may concern both electricity and gas and is valid until the expiry of the quarter indicated.  

Why choose Enel Energia

By choosing an Enel Energia electricity and gas offer for the free market, you will not undergo the quarterly change in the price of the energy component and the raw material gas component. The non-indexed residential offers of Enel Energia, in fact, include a price for the energy component and of the raw material gas component that is blocked for 12 months from the date of supply activation. Simply access the enel.it portal, to compare the prices of the power offers and the gas offers and to find the one that best suits your needs.

Quarterly trends in protected conditions (ARERA data)

Q1 2020 - 5.4% + 0,8%
Q4 2019 + 2,6%
+ 3,9%
Q3 2019 - 6,9% + 1,9%
Q2 2019 - 8,5% - 9,9%
Q1 2019 - 0,08% + 2,3%
Q4 2018 + 7,6% + 6,1%
Q3 2018 + 6,5% + 8,2%
Q2 2018 - 8% - 5,7%
Q1 2018 + 5,3 % + 5 %