What do the variations in the economic conditions of power and gas depend on for customers served in greater protection

Both for power and gas, the variations are influenced by the costs of supplying the raw material, by the expenditure for system charges, and by transport rates and meter management. This change concerns both customers served under protection and customers on the free market.

Every quarter, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA) communicates the change in economic conditions for customers served in greater protection; this change may concern both power and gas and is valid until the end of the quarter indicated.

ARERA prices and tariffs update for the third quarter of 2021: what changes

According to the data found by ARERA, in the third quarter of 2021 there will be an increase in the power expenditure for the typical family with an increase in overall expenditure of + 9.9% compared to the previous quarter. This change is mainly due to a strong growth in the prices of the main energy raw materials and the simultaneous acceleration of the prices of CO2 emission permits, which have pushed up the price of power. As for Natural Gas, it too will record a price increase of + 15.3% compared to the previous quarter.

The growth in demand, mainly due to temperatures below the seasonal averages, had the effect of increasing the gas raw material component. The new year will therefore open with more expensive power and gas tariffs and increases in the bills for families who are still under greater protection. The increase in the prices of CO2 emission permits would have led to much greater increases (about 20% increase). However, the government, by intervening with the use of the proceeds from CO2 auctions, has limited these increases thanks to an emergency measure. Support measures are also in place for both individuals and businesses, thanks to the automatic bonus for needy families and the extension of the discount on the bill for small businesses.

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Quarterly trends in protected conditions (ARERA data)

Q3 2021 + 9,9% + 15,3%
Q2 2021 + 3,8% + 3,9%
Q1 2021 + 4,5% + 5,3%
Q4 2020 + 15,6% + 11,4%
Q3 2020  + 3,3% - 6,7%
Q2 2020  - 18,3% - 13,5%
Q1 2020

- 5,4%

+ 0,8

Q4 2019

+ 2,6%

+ 3,9%

Q3 2019 + 1,9%

- 6,9%

Q2 2019

- 8,5%

- 9,9%