Corn, oil and wine are the three typical products of the Puglia region, as well as of the regional agricultural tradition and Bari offers fine examples of this bringing to the table a wide variety of pasta, wines, dishes based on fish, vegetables and greens that are cultivated in the agricultural areas inland.
The Fiera del Levante,  the largest trade fair in Europe, documents is both a commercial centre and a meeting place between East and West. The industry has an important role in the economy of the city and its metropolitan area: in addition to the food sector, the chemical, petrochemical, textile, mechanical and wood sectors are important ones.

Bari is one of the capitals of Italian theater with over 14 facilities currently in operation. In the cultural also to be noted the University of Bari, the Polytechnic, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Free Mediterranean University, where every year study about 100,000 young people enrol in various humanities, scientific and technical studies.


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