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è stata aperta la finestra di dialogo per le informazioni sul prezzo all’ingrosso dell’energia

Check the energy wholesale price

Values of the Peak and Off-Peak Demand PUN (National Single Price used for Smart and Green supply contracts) and the Baseload PUN (used for Flat Tariff supply contracts).

€/MWh Average price
  Dec 2022
Baseload 294,91
Peak 362,08
Off Peak 262,92

You can also check the National Single Price on the Energy Market Authority website at the following link.

Once you have accepted the General Conditions and the contents of the GME website, you may consult the pdf files in the "monthly summary" section.




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Open Energy

Prezzo Originale € 960,00

Prezzo Scontato € 924,00 /year*

+ energy component at the wholesale price forever

  • Three-hourly offer
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*In promotion for the first 12 months of supply, excluding VAT and taxes.

What is included in the monthly subscription?

  • Access to the wholesale energy price
  • Dedicated Customer Service at menu number 3 of the toll-free number 800.900.860 from Italy or +39 0664511012 from abroad, for a fee at the cost applied by your telephone operator
  • Dedicated Customer Area
  • Energy certified by the new "Guarantees of Origin" system of the Energy Services Manager (EC Directive 2009/28/EC).


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