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Every week a new surprise

Discover enelpremia WOW!, the new loyalty programme dedicated to Enel Energia customers that surprises you every week with a fantastic gift. Connect to the Enel Energia APP today!

Only one App, many benefits

With the Enel Energia app you can keep track of your consumption and reward yourself with the new enelpremia WOW! loyalty programme.

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Romantic dinner for two or a new pair of running shoes?

With enelpremia WOW! you have plenty of opportunities for saving, it is up to you to choose the one you prefer.

Every week, on the Enel Energia app, up to 3 new coupons - you only have to choose the one you prefer for using it when you want or give it to a friend.

Lighten your bill

You can take part in our special initiatives designed to reward your loyalty and get energy bonuses on your supplies!

Download or log in to the Enel Energia App and stay up to date on upcoming activities

Take part in contests

With enelpremia WOW! your year will be filled with enthusiasm and a wealth of prizes await you.

Take part in the FAI contest from March 14th to March 21st 2019 and try to win!

Up for grabs: 150 bundles of 4 tickets for the main FAI attractions, and 5 weekend trips for 2 people in Matera.

See where you can use your coupons

Competition valid from 07/11/18 to 31/12/18 with final prize draw by 31/01/19. The rewards programme related to the competition is valid from 07/11/18 to 31/10/19. Full rules and methods of participation on www.enel.it and on the Enel Energia app. Estimated prize pool of the mixed prize competition Euro 6,526,320.00, excluding VAT.

* Value calculated on the average consumption of a gas and light supply for a year calculated on the basis of data provided by ARERA. The prize consists of a 750 gold object