Scegli Tu

The power offer Enel Energia that allows you to find the solution that best suits your needs. Change your plan for free up to three times a year and find the one that's right for you!

The most innovative solution

Change plan whenever you want, for free

Scegli Tu Enel Energia's offer allows you to find the solution that best suits you. Choose between Senza Orari, Notte e Festivi and Bioraria and check your consumption: if the tariff plan chosen is not the best for your habits, you can change it, without any additional cost and up to three times in the 10 months following activation for each contract year.

An innovative plan: "Notte e Festivi”

'Scegli Tu' is the first offer Enel Energia which, through the tariff plan, “Notte e Festivi”, allows you to have the energy component at night on Sundays and holidays at no cost. The energy component for a typical customer is about 48% of total expenditure on electricity, excluding VAT and taxes. The remaining expenditure components are applied to the extent established and updated by ARERA, according to the methods indicated in the offer's general supply and economic conditions. Offer valid until 31/01/2019.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who can activate Scegli Tu?

The activation of the offer Scegli Tu is reserved for those who come from another provider, who are activating a new meter (first activation), who want to activate a deactivated meter (take over) or who want to put their name on a contract made out to another person (transfer).

How can I change offers?

The change of the tariff plan of the offer Scegli Tu can be requested either from your control panel in the personal area, by calling 800.900.860 or by going directly to one of the Punto Enel.

How much does it cost to change the tariff plan?

The change of tariff profile within the offer Scegli Tu has no cost. You can change from the date of activation of the supply and for each contract year, up to a maximum of 3 times over the following 10 months.

How does the online bill work and how do I pay?

With Scegli Tu you can help us protect nature by activating the service "Bolletta Web” and deciding, therefore, to receive the invoice in digital format directly in your email box. And if you activate the debit on your bank account, you also avoid queuing at the Post Office.

How is the energy of the offer produced Scegli Tu?

The offer Scegli Tu uses only electricity certified as coming from 100% renewable sources such as sun, water, wind and heat from the earth. Green energy is certified by the Power Service Board's new "Guarantees of Origin" system, according to the EC Directive 2009/28/EC.

What is this? enelpremia WOW!

If you become Enel Energia a customer you can join enelpremia WOW!, the new loyalty programme that surprises you every week with a gift and that allows you to participate in special initiatives to win fantastic prizes and receive bonus light and/or gas in the bill. Moreover, by participating in special initiatives, if you have more than one supply contract you can obtain a number of discounts based on the number of contracts you have signed with Enel Energia!