Gas Price Agile Condominium

Make the Gas supply to your apartment building more flexible

The benefits of Gas Prezzo Agile Condominio

Flexible price
The price of the gas raw material follows the trend of oil prices and the euro/dollar exchange rate. This allows you to benefit from the opportunities offered by the market at any given time. To keep track of the changes in prices, visit the website of the European Central Bank.

An online or printed bill every two months
You decide how you receive it, and if you request Bolletta Web, you receive it free on the day of issue, with no delays or losses.

Payment notice or direct debit from a bank or post office account
You can choose how to pay and change the payment method when you want.

Who can apply for the deal
Apartment buildings qualify for the deal if they:

  • consume methane
  • are located in municipalities where the deal is available
  • consume up to 200,000 Sm3 of natural gas per year
  • have a contract with a company other than Enel Energia.