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Enel X Smart Axistance e-Well Digital

Access your personalized wellness journey with the app developed by Enel X in collaboration with professionals at Policlinico Gemelli and take care of yourself and the people you love.

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The Wellness Journey

The program involves filling out a self-assessment questionnaire in the App to collect data that will allow Policlinico Gemelli physicians to create your annual Wellness Pathway that includes: a fitness plan, a nutrition plan with a personalized diet, and monitoring of various risk factors such as sleep, stress and smoking.

Medical excellence, everywhere

Policlinico Gemelli is the number one hospital in Italy according to Newsweek 2023 research, and with Smart Axistance e-Well Digital, through video consultations and app-based data analysis, internists and nutrition professionals will stay by your side wherever you are to support you in improving your habits and lifestyle.

The technology that helps

With the Axistance e-Well Digital Smart App, following a proper lifestyle is easier: day by day you can quickly and easily monitor your progress and the values you need to keep track of, upload any tests to your digital medical record and book video consultations on your calendar, view video recipes for your diet, and create a shopping list.

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Why choose it?

  • Efficiency
  • Saving
  • Sustainability

Why choose it?


The Smart Axistance e-Well Digital app allows people to follow personalized wellness pathways by combining key aspects of a proper lifestyle in a single userfriendly interface: uploading and storing their own clinical analysis, movement, diet, sleep, stress, and reduction of health-damaging substance use, all in one app.


The app allows people to join a comprehensive, digital annual pathway, helping to reduce the time it takes to manage activities related to clinical tests and specialist visits, while optimizing costs. Also included with the App is twelve months of streaming fitness classes (limited availability) and multiple features for monitoring health risk factors.


The application supports hospital decongestion by promoting reduced access and facilitating doctor-patient communication through digital tools. Thanks to Smart Axistance e-Well Digital, it is possible to access the medical excellence of Policlinico Gemelli without queuing on site and inconvenient travel, from all over the country.

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