Carla and Giovanni have recently moved into their new home. They are a young, close-knit couple who have a lot of things in common: they love nature, adore watching "Game of Thrones" together, and visiting European capital cities. However, they do not always agree on whose turn it is to do the washing or go to pay the bills. One thing they have always agreed on though is the aim of rendering their love nest ecologically sustainable, by paying attention to small details, such as closing the tap when brushing their teeth or differentiating household waste.
After receiving a series of large bills, and not wanting to spend too much money on electricity and gas, Carla decided to look for another supplier, comparing various different online offers, in the hope of finding a solution that would guarantee both savings and security.

Eventually, Carla contacted an Enel Energia consultant, who, in addition to offering her to the most competitively priced solution to her gas and electricity supply requirements, also gave her a number of suggestions. So, after signing her new contract with Enel Energia, she registered on the Enel Energia Customer Area and began self-reading her energy consumption data.

“Self-reading allows me to monitor my energy consumption and bill at all times, which helps me to save on costs and avoid nasty surprises ”

— Franco, Enel Energia consultant

Accessing the Enel 'Customer Area takes just a few minutes with a Facebook account. But what is self-reading? Carla had never done it before and was convinced that it was too complicated for her. But, with Giovanni's help, she found that it couldn't have been simpler.

Giovanni showed her where to find the meter in their new house. Communicating your real consumption data directly to Enel has many benefits: it gives you more control over how much energy you consume, allowing you to save on costs. To self-read, all you have to do is contact Enel Energia and communicate the last three digits to the left of the decimal point indicated on the meter display, together with your nine-digit customer number (clearly marked on the bill).

To communicate your meter reading, you can: use the Enel Energia App, send an SMS, call the toll-free number 800900837 or go to one of the many Spazio Enel present throughout the territory. Alternatively, you can submit your reading quickly and easily by logging in to the Enel Energia Customer Area.