Enel Energia and Foodlovers, a bond that goes beyond a simple contract

Foodlovers is an innovative start-up with a fast-paced environment. It was founded in 2016 and opened its first venue in Rimini a year later. But that was just the beginning. Moving full steam ahead with their motto "we're what you've been missing", Foodlovers quickly conquers everyone, thanks above all to the "LA PIADA & LE BOLLE" brand.

The young, start-up company have chosen Enel Energia to accompany them on their non-stop journey because of the quality services on offer. The start-up has no time to waste queuing at counters or trying to solve the problems other companies often have with their energy providers.

Time is money. For this reason, Foodlovers decided to focus on the efficiency offered by Enel Energia, with its own network of consultants, distributed throughout Italy, who quickly respond to customer requests.

Enel Energia's smartagents have always been there for Foodlovers, even during the most difficult times. Thanks to the help of an expert consultant, the start-up from Romagna has been able to pay their bills in instalments, enabling them to overcome these difficult periods.

The bond between Foodlovers and Enel Energia is not a simple contract between a supplier and a company. It is much more than that. Above all there is trust, which the start-up defines as more important than saving money on bills.

For the start-up, what really counts the most is the people they work with. And Enel Energia's professional smartagents are always available for Foodlovers. 

The relationship between Foodlovers and Enel Energia is destined to last a long time. Foodlovers is truly satisfied with Enel Energia's services and would like to recommend them to anyone.