Enel Energia and the Pittini Group: a consolidated synergy

Over sixty years of history, nineteen facilities located all over the world and a vision firmly rooted in the future: this, in a few short words, is Pittini Group, a leading manufacturer of steel for the construction and mechanical industries. A company established in Gemona del Friuli and that has established itself as the benchmarks in its sector.

Steel production requires continuous upgrading and continuous investments in innovation. Steel is one of the world's primary assets and is used to manufacturer a vast range of everyday objects. The quality of its products and a policy of continuous innovation are some of the secrets of Pittini Group's success.

“To maintain high standards over time it is necessary to rely on trusted collaborators and partners. Reliability that we have found in Enel Energia. Since 2000 Enel Energia has been providing the Group's plants with 2TW/h of power per year, and is always ready to help us in critical moments”

—Paolo Trevisan, Pittini Energy Manager


Electricity is the lifeblood that permits Pittini Group to produce steel for its customers everyday as well as always being ready to face innovative new challenges. For example: sustainability, where Pittini Group plays a leading role in creating a working environment suitable for the needs of all workers.

“Enel Energia has supported us on every step of our journey, guaranteeing the supply of that indispensable product: electrical energy”

—Paolo Trevisan, Pittini Energy Manager


The collaboration between Enel Energia and Pittini Group is destined to continue over time and to become ever stronger from year to year. In Enel Energia, Pittini Group has also found a partner for its environmental policy, based on reducing and eliminating all potential negative impacts on the environment.

“Through its consultants, Enel Energia has accompanied our company throughout its development, providing solutions to all the group's requests, without ever compromising on environmental sustainability, one of the key elements of our development model and of the Enel Energia commercial offers for large businesses. ”

—Paolo Trevisan, Pittini Energy Manager


The Enel Energia  consultants analyse each company's needs, identifying a customised plan and managing supplies accordingly. This is just one of the many ways that Enel Energy helps large businesses like Pittini Group to establish themselves as leaders in their sector.

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