I Doria di Montalto

The Doria family chooses Enel Energia

The future is a door, tradition is the key to open it: this is the spirit that drives many Italian entrepreneurs. Like Andrea Doria who, together with his brother, runs the family farm: "I Doria di Montalto", a business now rooted in the territory of the Oltrepò Pavese area. In 1800 the first farm was bought and the winegrowing story of the Doria family began.

The decision to rely on Enel Energia has also been consolidated. For more than 10 years, in fact, Andrea has preferred the reliability and seriousness of a supplier attentive to its customers such as Enel Energia. Andrea has always trusted the advice of our consultant for all the energy needs of his wine company. So, when he thought about installing a photovoltaic system, he immediately sought a professional opinion on the most efficient systems. 
Mr Doria found the answers to all his questions with Fotovoltaico InForma, the Enel Energia consulting service. Starting from the idea of making best use of the richness of his land, Mr Doria discovered that Enel Energia deals with the handling of all paperwork and offers a comprehensive evaluation for the type of system chosen. Andrea, in fact, lives and works in what is called the "Regina dell'Oltrepò Pavese" [Queen of the Oltrepò Pavese], an area known throughout the world for the quality of its wine and for the sun that allows the vines to flourish, the same sun also used by "I Doria di Montalto" for energy production.

For Enel Energia , it is important to understand the real needs of its customers and provide energy responses in step with the times. Not only for supplies of Electricity and Gas, but also innovative solutions such as photovoltaics. Due to the characteristics of the region in which the Doria company operates, it is an investment that will pay the company back in both financial and productive terms, also because it is tailor-made for each business. 

Mr Doria can thus concentrate on building his business because he has found a reliable energy partner that knows how to respond to his needs, thanks to professionals who are able to help him build a better future for his company and his region.