The successful young chef who chose Enel Energia

The young and talented chef Giacomo Ramacci chose the historic centre of Gubbio for his restaurant. It is a wonderful, fascinating city, where time seems to have stopped. In a short amount of time, Officina dei Sapori has managed to conquer the palates not only of the locals in Gubbio, but also of the many tourists that crowd the famous medieval city every year.

The secret of the restaurant's success lies in the quality of the raw ingredients. Giacomo can concentrate on his search for the most genuine flavours thanks to Enel Energia, which provides the energy for all the activities a chef needs to do in the kitchen, without having to worry about it cutting out or other problems. For example, the young entrepreneur can rely on a network of consultants who are always attentive to the needs of small businesses in the area.

The region is also important for Giacomo, who loves to delight his guests by focusing on the local cuisine and reinterpreting the dishes, as only young chefs are able to do. Customers begin a sensory journey between tradition and modernity as soon as they enter the venue. The restaurant, with its rustic and contemporary atmosphere, is also a beautiful sight.
Giacomo is not alone. His sister Veronica supports him in the management of the restaurant. The couple quickly brought Officina dei Sapori out of the unknown Perugian suburbs, succeeding in attracting the attention of many food critics. Recently, the family-owned restaurant has been included in the prestigious guide by l'Espresso. This doesn't signal an end-goal, but a base on which to build further successes.

Enel Energia is proud to make its small contribution to Giacomo and Veronica in their activities. The restaurant has chosen to collaborate with us, appreciating the quality and convenience of our services, but also the proximity. In fact, just one kilometre away is one of the 700 Spazio Enel distributed throughout Italy. The pair know that if they have any problems with their energy supply, the solution is just around the corner.