Enel Energia's Fiber Modem with integrated Smart Home by Enel X

Our homes are the fulcrum around which family life revolves, a place to cultivate one's interests, passions, a place where, especially in recent years, we have spent a good part of our free time but also our working time, where we have rediscovered the comforts and the pleasure of living our home to the fullest. 

This new interest in home comfort, however, risks colliding with a greater increase in consumption, directly proportional to the time spent at home, and with an ever-increasing need to rationalize and make the connected devices in our homes more intelligent from an economic point of view energy and improved efficiency. This translates not only into economic savings, but also material savings: using a light bulb or an air conditioner only for the necessary time will extend its useful life, doubling our advantage. 

The Enel X Homix Smart Home ecosystem, designed with a wide range of devices and functions, ensures maximum comfort by guaranteeing the possibility of interact directly with your home and manage temperature, lighting and much more in an integrated way.

What is a Smart Home

Smart Home means an integrated system of devices and technologies that make our home more intelligent, efficient and secure. Thanks to Smart Home devices it is possible to reduce energy costs, increase comfort and safety at home according to one's habits and schedules, improving the quality of life and contributing substantially to energy savings and bill costs.

A Smart Home is made up of a series of interconnected devices such as thermostats, sockets and smart bulbs, which work and communicate locally, creating a comfortable domestic environment oriented towards greater rationalization of consumption and, consequently, of the costs incurred for energy expenditure.

How the Enel X Homix App works

Through the free Homix App, made available at Google Play and App Store, it is possible to manage all the functions of the Smart home ecosystem directly from the smartphone.

Once the App has been downloaded, all you have to do is create your own Homix account and add the Smart Home devices in your home, in this way you can constantly monitor and manage all the smart features available wherever we are, both when we are at home and when we are outside and want to know what is happening inside our home.

Enel Energia fiber and Enel X Smart Home

Today, thanks to the new Enel Energia Fiber it is possible to manage all Smart functions Home offered by Homix directly with the Enel Energia Modem provided on free loan, without the need to purchase an additional gateway to enable Smart Home functions. You will have control over the heating, lighting and security of your  home thanks to the ecosystem of Homix smart devices. 

To subscribe to one of the offers of the new Enel Energia Fiber it will be sufficient check the coverage to find out the type of fiber available in your area and follow the necessary steps in a few simple steps to subscribe to one of the available offers. 

How Enel X's Smart Home works with Enel Energia Fiber

Once the new Enel Energia Modem has been installed, you will receive a welcome email containing a link that allows you to access a 10% discount* on Enel X Smart Home products on the enelxstore.com website. 

Once the products we are interested in have been purchased and installed at home, simply download the Homix App for free, create your own profile and manage all the Smart Home functions in complete autonomy from your smartphone, anywhere and anytime. In fact, the new Enel Fibra Modem communicates in real time with the connected smart devices, providing a complete overview and allowing us to act according to our needs.

Enel X Smart Home devices

In the Enel X Store there are various solutions to make our home smart and make us save on bills. These Smart Devices interact with the Homix Hub constantly, creating an ecosystem** for your home that can be managed in total autonomy through the Homix App

Heating and cooling system

With Smart Home connected to an intelligent thermostatic valve or to a Homix Air Conditioning module, it is possible to control the temperature of every single room of the house from the smartphone, program the time slots we need, select the function that is most convenient for us between heating, cooling, dehumidification or intervene by switching off the air conditioning when no one is at home.

Lighting and control system

With the lighting and control system provided by the Smart Bulb, it is possible to switch the bulb on and off remotely, set its colour, intensity and we can also check if we have forgotten the light on in a room. The Homix Smart Socket, on the other hand, can make the connected electrical devices smart, avoiding waste and overloads on our appliances and also works as a repeater between the various Homix devices in the house.


Security system

With Smart Camera and the Smart Contact Sensor you have full control of your home. You can receive notifications about the opening and closing of doors and windows, check the rooms in real time as soon as the intelligent sensor detects movement and protect easily and immediate our privacy and our safety.


*The discount can only be used once per tax code.
**All devices can be installed independently, without the need for external technical intervention. This is recommended for Smart Thermostatic Devices (TRV). The TRVs are devices that can be easily installed in the case of centralized heating, in the case of independent heating it is advisable to contact us or rely on a specialized technician for the installation of Homix Boiler Module.

Internet for your home

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