End clients insurance

The Enel Energia policy against injuries caused by gas

What is the insurance

End Customer Insurance is the national and collective insurance policy stipulated by the Cig (Italian Gas Committee) on behalf of the end gas customers to protect the latter in the event of accidents or injuries, including those suffered by family members, cohabitants and employees, which originate in the plants and appliances downstream of the insured gas redelivery point (PDR).

The insurance, valid throughout the national territory, is activated automatically and is regulated by the Resolution of 19 May 2020 n.167/2020/R/GAS" Provisions on insurance in favor of end customers of gas for the four-year period 1 January 2021 - 31 December 2024".

The subjects included in the coverage are:

  • domestic customers (even occasional);
  • domestic condominium customers who use methane gas or another type of gas supplied through urban distribution networks or transport networks, even occasionally.

The subjects excluded from coverage are:

  • end customers of gas other than domestic customers or residential condominiums equipped with a meter of class higher than G25 (the meter class is indicated in the bill);
  • end gas customers who carry out a public service activity also equipped with a meter of class higher than G25;
  • consumers of methane gas for motor vehicles.

What the policy covers

The policy covers:

  • injuries;
  • damage caused to movable and/or immovable property and to health, for any reason caused and suffered by anyone;
  • as well as the consequences of the Civil Liability deriving to the Insured as a result of accidents that are a direct consequence of gas leaks and/or leaks from any occasional event, which manifest themselves through fire, explosion and explosion.

In essence, the policy covers all damage to movable and/or immovable property and to health, for any reason caused and suffered by anyone, which originate downstream of the redelivery point (generally the gas meter) on utilities served by means of transport or distribution networks, even if caused by suicide or attempted suicide.

Accidents for cases of intoxication and asphyxia in any case caused by gas, carbon monoxide etc. are included.

What to do in the event of a claim to activate the insurance policy

In the event of a claim, the damaged Customer must forward the complaint to the CIG, directly through another natural or legal person who has the right. Using the form available on the Committee's website (www.cig.it) on the "Insurance" page, or in the Forms section (Accident report form) of this site.

It will be the responsibility of the CIG to provide for the transmission of complaints to the insurance company and to inform the Insured and/or the Damaged about his obligations and rights attributable to the aforementioned policy.

For further details on insurance coverage and to receive information on the status of the cases, you can use the following contact channels of the CIG:

  • www.cig.it (End customer insurance section)
  • Toll-free number: 800 929 286
  • Fax: 02 720 016 46
  • e-mail: assigas@cig.it