Gas and electricity meter reading

Submit your consumption readings with ease

How to read your own meter

Communicating your own meter reading allows you to have a constantly updated consumption profile. In this way, even in the absence of an Enel Energia reading, we will be able to send you a bill that always reflects your consumption.

To read your own meter you need: 

  • your 9-digit customer number, which you can find on the first page of the bill;
  • the reading on the meter (only the digits before the comma).

 Please note that if your meter is electronic and read remotely, it is no longer necessary to communicate your own meter reading to us (Resolution 738/16 ARERA). In this case, our systems automatically detect that customer reading of the meter is not required for the supply indicated by you.

If, exceptionally, remote reading was not detected for two consecutive months, you will find estimated consumption on the bill and you can then communicate the reading.

REMEMBER: the reading communicated by you will be used for calculating the next bill, unless it is cancelled by the distributor. Furthermore, in the event that communication of your meter reading takes place outside the period indicated, estimated consumption may be present on the bill.

If you need to make a transfer or change supplier and you do not have an electronic meter, you can notify us of your meter reading (Resolution 100/2016/R/COM); this will then be verified by the Distributor and could be used to calculate the last bill.

You can submit your reading from five working days before until three working days after the starting date for your transfer or change of supplier; the reading will be adjusted to the actual date of activation of the contract.

Read the guide to the meter reading and watch the video to understand how to do it.

You can communicate your meter reading:

  • From Customer Area: log into your personal area, entering your e-mail and password, and communicate the meter reading
  • with the Enel Energia App: communicate your meter reading directly from the smartphone
  • With an SMS: send the reading from your mobile phone quickly and easily to number 3202042002*, writing your CUSTOMER NUMBER (SPACE) and the VALUE of your meter reading. At the end you will receive a free confirmation SMS
  • With toll-free number 800900860 from Italy or +39 0664511012 from abroad, for a fee at the cost applied by your telephone operator
  • At Spazio Enel or Spazio Enel Partner
  • And also with Telegram! Click on and find @EnelEnergiaBot

* This is our new number dedicated to active SMS services.