Law on traceability

The traceability of payments made by public authorities

Law on the traceability of financial flows

The anti-Mafia legislation governing the traceability of financial flows (Law no. 136 of 13 August 2010 and subsequent amendments) requires that all payments by Public Administration Customers must:


  • be made to a dedicated account: ABI 05584 CAB 01700 C/C 71746 - IBAN IT78Z0558401700000000071746
  • be made by bank transfer or direct debit
  • specify the Contract Identification Code (CIG) in the payment details, together with the Project Identification Code (CUP), if necessary.

Article 3 of Law 136 introduced rules aimed at ensuring the traceability of financial flows in procedures connected with works, services and utilities, and also applies to the management of financial flows by the recipients of Community and European public funding. In particular, the contracting parties are required, except for in specifically indicated situations, to use dedicated current accounts for the financial transactions involved in public contracts, and to make payments using traceable methods (bank or post office account transfers).

Failure to use bank or post office account transfers constitutes grounds for termination of the contract. The traceability of financial flows is also safeguarded by the obligation to indicate the Contract Identification Code (CIG) and, if required, the Project Identification Code (CUP) assigned to each public investment for public contracts at the time of payment for each transaction made in connection with the respective works.


The following representatives are delegated to access the bank account dedicated to public administrations:

Rapresentative  Tax ID Code
Nicoletta Bertonazzi
Sergio Oldani
Danilo Chiappa
Cinzia Agosti
Paolo Pallotti
Giovanni Arzilli
Angelo Scipioni
Luigi Marotta
Maria Cristina Schiboni
Stefania Vallone
Maurizio Montebianco
Luigi Maddaluno
Luigi Del Mastro