Open the doors to the web economy with Open Energy Digital

Many services to restart your business online with the Digital plan that offers you e-commerce and website

Why a new Open Energy Digital plan?

There are still very few small Italian companies already online or that are starting a digitization process of their business.

Digitization offers an opportunity for your business to grow faster. If you want to make your brand known and always be in contact and reachable by your customers, Open Energy Digital is the right plan for you.

With Open Energy Digital you will have at your disposal a team of professional designers who, on the basis of your indications, will create a unique and customized website for your business, including e-commerce and online booking service, optimized for desktop and mobile.

How to grow your business with the web

Those who choose Open Energy pay only the wholesale price for the related energy, the same from which we buy it on the Power Exchange market, without any surcharge.

With the new Digital Plan by Open Energy, however, we are not only limited to being energy suppliers, but we want to offer you an innovative service that support the online growth of your business.

For this reason, Enel Energia, in collaboration with Accenture, has come up with an offer that allows you to design and put online a new website, of an e-commerce and an online bookingpersonalized and dedicated to your business. These digital tools, provided by Accenture, will enable the online sale of your products and services, supporting the performance and digitization of your business.

All the advantages of Open Energy Digital

By choosing to activate the Open Energy Digital solution, you will be able to take advantage of many dedicated services for the digital transformation of your business. Beyond to the supply of power, you will have at your disposal:

  • a website, e-commerce and booking online;
  • the design service made by professional designers;
  • a domain of the 1st level (.it or .com);
  • a mailbox from 5Gb;
  • optimization for desktop and mobile;
  • no banner advertising;
  • SEO optimization;
  • a panel of advanced statistics;
  • integration with the Google Search Console and Google My Business;
  • the ability to create a blog within your website;
  • security protocols, features backup and recovery data;
  • access to tutorial and e-learning courses on digital topics.

With Open Energy Digital, in addition to the supply of power, you have everything you need for your digital business. All digital services provided by Accenture will be yours at a cost of 24 €/month for the first 12 months of supply (including the contribution of € 144 in installments in the first 12 months of supply for the Design Service). From the thirteenth month of supply, the cost of digital services is 12 €/month. All prices are VAT excluded.

Open Energy Digital's dedicated Customer Service

For you who activate the Open Energy offer, by connecting to Business Customer Area you will find a new dedicated Customer Service, with expert operators at your disposal and a chat with specialized consultants.

To receive the assistance you need, you can also choose to call the toll-free number 800900860, key 3 from Italy or +39 0664511012 from another country, for a fee at the cost applied by your telephone operator. Click here to discover the new dedicated Customer Service!