With ufirst no more lining up in Enel Stores. The app allows you to book your visit from your smartphone and go to the nearest location just in time to be assisted by one of our operators. This takes seconds, without the need for registration or complex procedures. Here’s how it works.

What is ufirst?

Developed by an all-Italian team, ufirst is the queue-jumper app par excellence. Instead of simply taking a number and waiting your turn when visiting a "usual" distributor, ufirst allows you to book your visit at any of the Enel stores in your city and receive the assistance and support you need without having to leave home - simply download the app on your smartphone (available both on the App Store for iPhones and on the Google Play Store for Android) and book your visit at an Enel Store, generating your virtual number.

How ufirst works

Intuitiveness and ease of use are the strengths of ufirst. After downloading and installing the app on your smartphone, all you have to do is open it, activate geolocation (granting permission to use GPS, if you are asked) and find the Enel Store near you. At this point, you can select the store and book your visit by being issued a virtual number. The app will tell you how many people are in front of you, monitor the queue and estimate the time you will have to wait before needing to be at the location you have chosen. Upon arriving at the Enel Store, show your digital voucher and go to the desk to speak with one of our operators.