Your suitcase is heavy, as usual, your keys have disappeared into the depths of your handbag, and you letter box is stuffed full of flyers, advertisements, and letters. And you've only been away for the weekend!
It's another difficult Monday evening, and as you arrive home from work you congratulate yourself for choosing Online Billing, because on Friday, while you were visiting Matteo in Bologna, your electricity bill arrived by e-mail. Payments, Deadlines and bills, in today's world, when you're frequently away from and leisure time is at a premium, it can be hard to keep up.
For Giulia, Web Billing is an indispensable tool that allows her to access her bills wherever she is, without the risk of losing them in her handbag or tucking them into a book and forgetting them.

Also, activating Web billing couldn't be easier, simply access the dedicated activate Web billing page on the Enel Energia website, and enter your Social Security or VAT Number, together with your customer number, which you will find in the top left corner of your bill.

“Immediately after activation I received an email from Enel Energia with a link to click to confirm my e-mail address. From that moment on, I have received all my bills by email. This saves me time and gives me one less thing to worry about. ”

—Giulia, teacher

Matteo and Giulia are one of those couples that Cupid threw together one summer, regardless of the geographical barriers that lie between them. In fact, Giulia lives and teaches in the stately yet workmanlike Turin, the city of contrasts par excellence, in a charming little terraced house that she bought a few years ago. Matteo, on the other hand, is a business consultant born and raised among the arches and colonnades of the rich and opulent Bologna, who he wouldn't dream of serving anything but ragù alla Bolognese for Sunday lunch, unless of course it's tortellini in broth!

Two hearts united by love, but divided by the many kilometres, that separate Turin from Bologna, all by train. Choosing the train allows them save time, but also manage their electricity and gas supplies. As soon as a bill arrives, thanks to the Web billing service, Matteo can access his Customer Area on the Enel Energia website and make the payment directly online, without thinking any more about it! Registering on the Customer Area was quick and easy, and gives them both hassle-free control over all their utilities, even when they're not at home. From the checking the state of their payments to selecting their preferred payment methods, the Customer Area also allows them to submit self meter readings and upload documents.

“As soon as I understood how it worked and how it would let me save time, I logged in to the Customer Area and now I manage everything online. For me, web billing also represents a small-scale ecological revolution because it allows me to eliminate useless paper. ”

—Matteo, business consultant

It's small choices like those made by Giulia and Matteo that help to simplify daily life, leaving more time for the important things. Small choices maybe, but significant revolutions in a domestic context, from which to take inspiration.