Everything about your gas and power bill

Your Enel bill, explained step by step

Knowing how to manage bills relating to electricity and gas supplies is very important, starting from the meaning of the items in the bill up to checking the status of payments. In this section you will find information and links that will help you get the clarifications you need and resolve your doubts on the matter.

Enel Energia's electricity bill

Enel Energia's electricity bill is structured in such a way as to provide the customer with all the main information on his supply and consumption

On the bill we can, in fact, find data such as:

  • customer number
  • pod code of the supply
  • estimated or actual consumption
  • supply voltage
  • the power established by contract
  • payment status

Finally, there is the most important data: the total bill to be paid and the date by which the payment must be made. However, the amount is made up of various items, so it will not only be the cost of the raw material (energy expenditure) that will be invoiced, but also other costs relating to the supply service such as:

  • expenditure for transporting electricity and managing the meter
  • system charges expense
  • recalculations
  • social bonus
  • other games
  • total taxes and VAT
  • the TV license fee

To find out more and learn more about all the items on the bill, consult the page on how to read the electricity bill.

Enel Energia's gas bill

As with the electricity bill, the gas bill is also characterized by the data relating to the supply and the list of costs invoiced for the service. In fact, on the first page we can find basic information such as:

  • type of use (domestic hot water or even heating and cooking),
  • gas meter serial number or PDR code
  • type of counter
  • payment status 
  • expenditure items

These are just some of the details on the bill, particular attention must be paid to the expense items listed on the invoice, since there are some variables that influence the final price on the bill.

Reading the items and costs of the gas bill can be complex or not very immediate. To find out more, consult the dedicated page on how to read your gas bill  in all its details.

Bolletta 2.0

The Bolletta 2.0 has a clear and precise style with simple and timely information.

To define precise rules, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA) launched a consultation process in which Enel Energia, together with other operators in the sector, took part. At the end of this along the way, a resolution was issued, 501/2014, from which bill 2.0 originates. which has the following characteristics:

  • colorful and dynamic graphics
  • a functional division of information, to quickly find the necessary data;
  • the separation between the Summary Bill and detailed elements, to get an overall idea, but also to delve deeper into some elements;
  • other useful contributions, such as the reading guide and the glossary, inserted to help you read and understand the bill.

Do you want an illustration of the bill in all its details? Consult the Guide to reading the Enel Energia 2.0 bill or the Guide to bill 2.0 for customers in the protection regime gas.

Electricity and gas bill payment status

Each bill issued, whether relating to the supply of electricity or gas, has an expiry date by which payment of the total invoiced amount must be made.

It is possible to check the payment status of a bill through our digital services, in fact you can access your Customer Area or to Enel Energia App, under the heading “Bills” you will find the list of all invoices issued with the payment status

It may happen that you forget to pay a bill, it is in fact advisable to activate an automatic payment method (e.g. direct debit). In this way, the possibility of facing arrears and not to pay interest for each day of delay, in addition to the costs incurred for any payment reminders. 

Remember that you can always obtain a copy of the bill, consult our article on duplicate bill.

How to pay the electricity and gas bill

Paying an Enel Energia bill has never been so simple, in fact, you have different payment methods at your disposal. Remember that by choosing direct debit, which can be activated on a bank account (Italian or foreign account in the SEPA area), postal bank account, credit card or even on a PayPal account, you will not have any dates to remember, the bills will be automatically charged on the day of expiry.

If you decide to activate the domiciliation service, you can do so independently by accessing Customer Area or at Enel Energia App where you will have to indicate your IBAN, the number of your payment card or your PayPal credentials.

Furthermore, also in the Customer Area and Enel Energia App it is possible to pay your bill using the different payment methods.

In the event that the invoiced consumption is greater than the actual one indicated by the meter, it is possible to make a rectification of the bill and request a refund of the the amount paid in excess. Also in this case, simply access your Customer Area or the Enel Energia App.

Remember that it is possible arrange the payment of the bills, after checking the status of the payments (e.g. presence of unpaid bills or installment plan already in progress) In the event that the amount of the bills is under €5,000 you can do it independently, directly in the “Services” section of the Customer Area,  or in the Enel Energia App, go into detail about the supply and select “Pay bill in installments” in the “Manage” section. 

Advantages of the Bolletta Web for electricity and gas

Today the bill is also online. Bolletta Web is the Enel Energia service that allows you to receive your bill directly in your inbox at the email address you prefer .

You will no longer have to worry about the risk of late delivery or loss, all you need is a PC, a tablet or a smartphone and you will be able to immediately view your bill, the invoiced consumption and the final amount.

Bolletta Web is a completely free service, it has no activation costs and you can activate it independently at any time by accessing the Customer Area, from the Enel Energia App. Switch to Bolletta Web , in addition to saving time, means making a sustainable choice, avoiding significant waste of paper and making a big contribution to the environment.


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