The offer for business customers that is transparent, easy and clear

Staying close to small businesses

Open Energy is the offer by Enel Energia close to small businesses with the most transparent energy component pricing possible. 
In fact, customers who choose Open Energy only pay the wholesale price for the energy they consume, the same at which we buy it on the Electricity Market, without any surcharge.

The offer includes a fixed monthly subscription and provides all the Enel Energia services such as the customer area that enables you to manage your energy supply completely online, a dedicated customer service and the guarantee of energy from renewable sources. Furthermore, customers are free to change and choose the plan that best suits their needs at no additional cost. All account handling is simplified with fully digital procedures and a bimonthly bill via email with direct debit payment. This is the most "open" offer on the energy business market.

In Italy, the wholesale energy price is called PUN (Prezzo Unico Nazionale – the Single National Price) and is determined by the Electricity Exchange. This is the virtual marketplace where supply and demand meet for the exchange of wholesale energy; it was established with the liberalisation of the market and is governed by GME, Gestore dei Mercati Energetici - the Energy Market Authority. Being a wholesale price, the PUN is usually reserved for large operators such as Enel Energia, who then resell energy to end users and companies.

The offer enables businesses to skip this step and pay exactly the same purchase price that Enel Energia pays on the market. This price level is transparent and can be monitored by anyone in real time on the GME website. By subscribing to the Open Energy offer, customers pay a price determined by the monthly average of the PUN hourly prices.

Thus, the offer consists of fixed and variable components. The fixed part is a subscription fee for Enel Energia services: 12.99 euros per month (reduced from 16.99) for the Smart plan, 13.99 euros per month for the Mono plan (reduced from 17.99), 15.99 euros per month for the Green plan (reduced from 18.99) which also guarantees the certified provision of energy from 100% renewable sources. The variable charges are then added to this fixed fee in the bill: they comprise the cost of the consumed energy and charges covering dispatching, energy transport, metering and system management, all of which are applied as defined by ARERA (Autorità di Regolazione per Energia Rete e Ambiente – the electricity, gas and water regulator), with the final addition of taxes and VAT.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs: you are free to change at any time without additional costs.

A transparent, easy and clear offer, the most "open" there is.