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Close to small businesses

Open Energy is Enel Energia's offer close to small businesses with the most transparent price possible.

In fact, those who choose Open Energy pay only the wholesale price for the energy they consume, the same at which we buy it on the Power Exchange market, without any surcharge.

The plans of the Open Energy offer

Open Energy provides three different plans and provides all Enel Energia services, such as the customer area that allows you to manage your supply completely online, a dedicated customer service and the guarantee of energy from renewable sources. Customers have the freedom to choose the plan that best suits their needs with the ease of entirely digital management, with bimonthly bills via email and bank domiciliation. The most open offer on the energy business market.

The offer consists of a fixed part and a variable part. The fixed fee is the subscription fee for Enel Energia services: 20.99 euros per month for the Smart plan, 23.99 euros per month for the Mono plan or 23.99 euros per month for the new Digital plan, which guarantees access to a world of digital services (the plan provides the additional contribution of € 144 in installments in the first 12 months of supply for the Website Design service).

In addition to these fixed quotas, the variable part is added to the bill: the cost of the energy component for consumption, the fee for dispatching, the transport service and management of the meter and the system charges, which are applied to the extent defined from ARERA, taxes and VAT.

The new Open Energy Digital

Thanks to the new Digital plan you will benefit from a package of innovative services tailored specifically for businesses: a website created by professional designers complete with e-commerce and booking online. In addition you will have a catalog of courses to enhance your digital skills, that will allow you to use from your site immediately and at its best to always be one step ahead.

All this at a cost of 23.99 euros per month for the first 12 months of supply plus the contribution of € 144 in installments in the first 12 months of supply for the Design Service (site web created by professional designers). From the thirteenth month the cost is 26.99 euros per month.


The wholesale price of energy in Italy is called PUN (Single National Price) and is determined by the Power Exchange. This is the virtual place where the meeting between supply and demand takes place for the purchase and sale of wholesale energy, it was established with the liberalization of the market and is entrusted to GME - Energy Market Manager. Being a wholesale price, the PUN is usually reserved for large operators such as Enel Energia, which they then resell to end consumers and companies.

The offer allows companies to skip this step and pay exactly the same purchase price as Enel Energia on the market. This value is transparent and can be monitored by anyone in real time on the GME website, the reference of what the customer pays with the Open Energy offer is the monthly average of the hourly prices of the PUN.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs!

A transparent, easy and clear offer, the most open there is.

Open Energy

A new digital plan for your business online

With Open Energy you have 3 different subscription plans and the price of the wholesale energy component forever. If you choose the Digital plan, you have the opportunity to put your business online with a new website and grow your business with an e-commerce tailor-made for you.

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Open Energy

Our first monthly subscription and you pay the energy component as we pay it

Two plans to choose from
100% Green Energy

With the purchase of the subscription, the customer pays the energy component at the wholesale market price, as specified in the Technical and Economic Conditions. This value will be increased by the network losses applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA and currently equal to 10.2% of consumption. The costs of the dispatching price, the DISPbt component (applicable only for customers with LV supply), the costs for the transport and meter management service and the system charges, which are applied as defined , published and periodically updated by ARERA and as indicated in the Technical and Economic Conditions of the offer and in the General Supply Conditions.
The origin of the energy from renewable sources is certified through the GSE guarantee of origin system.